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Honoring the legacy of others...
but starting something NEW for the community

Copyright 2007 Seaside Music Theater (SMT)

Seaside Music Theater was a staple of the Daytona Beach community for 30+ years and we honor that. Today, we begin a new era of professional theatre in Volusia County separate from Seaside with leadership who did not work at SMT but are commited to honoring the work of all of the artists who have called and will call Daytona Beach their artistic home. It's time to bring back professional theatre to Daytona Beach and offer those artists a new opportunity to be a part of the revitalization of Historic Beach Street and historic theatre in Daytona Beach. Come home. Join us in a renewed sense of purpose and service to the community we all love so much.

Have Questions about the Seaside Legacy and the Leadership of Beach Street Rep?

Email us! Anthony, Tyler, and Mandy did not have the opportunity to work at Seaside Music Theater when it was in existence, but they are excited to honor the legacy of artists who worked at Seaside by providing a new opportunity for all artists to find their artistic home at Beach Street Repertory Theatre. Come home and tell us about your work at Seaside, what it meant to you, and what you want for the future of theatre in Daytona Beach.